Jon Burkhart – Founder, TBC Global

“Constant Curiosity: Getting Customers To Incessantly Crave Your Attention”
Does your content grab folks within those critical first 4 seconds? Is it both memorable and meaningful? That’s what your most valuable customers need. They’re constantly curious and you must keep them on their toes with timely, targeted moments of brilliance. Oh, and then you need to string these moments together as often as humanly possible. And while you’re at it, can you make sure you’ve got the proper mix of the live, planned and spontaneous stuff they crave. Wait, are you sure you can survive in this always-on culture? Is creating a constant emotional connection even possible?
Award-winning keynote speaker, real-time marketing author and SXSW advisor Jon Burkhart is keen to work through all these issues with you. He’s created a strategic framework built around this notion of constant curiosity. It’s time to regain your sense of wonder. Or discover it for the first time. This keynote speech is designed to help you create content that your customers will seek out — content that inspires game-changing action and undying loyalty.

Ben O’Sullivan – Partner Manger, Facebook

“The Need for Speed: Capture Attention in the Mobile World”

Charlie Whitworth – SEO Director, Banc

“Google’s Fred Update & the new search quality evaluator guidelines”

As with many of the unconfirmed/unnamed algorithm changes, March’s “Fred” update caused much chatter and debate among technical SEO’s across the industry. In my talk, I willl examine the update’s main areas of focus and which sites have been adversely and positive impacted.

Now the dust has settled, we have a good picture at Banc of just what the Fred update has meant for the web and Google’s result pages. Come to my talk to find out what comes to light when one really digs into the data and how you can apply this to your own SEO campaigns.

In addition to this, I wil explore the newly updated search quality evaluator guidelines and their relationship with the Fred update, if indeed there is one at all.

If you’re still not quite sure what happened in March and are struggling to turn around a decline in organic performance since the update, then you may well find some answers from my talk!

Sam Noble – Director of Strategy, Koozai

“From Loyalty to Royalty – Using Paid Media to Increase Customer Lifetime Value”
Every business that is using Paid Media focuses on what it can do to drive new customers but over the years I have been doing PPC, I have only come across a handful who have used it to increase customer loyalty.
Advertisers spend hundreds, thousands and some even millions of pounds each year with platforms such as AdWords, Bing and Facebook to acquire new customers but in this talk I am going to help shift your mindset to think about how it can be used to increase the lifetime value of your customer.
I will cover actual hands-on strategies that you can take away and implement within your Paid Media campaigns to drive more business from your existing audience base.

Pete Campbell – Managing Director, Kaizen

“Technical SEO & Site Speed Tactics in a Mobile-First World”
In this talk, you’ll learn about the very latest in Technical SEO tactics that will let you take full advantage of Google’s new mobile-first index to increase your reach and grow revenue. This in-depth talk will focus on 3 key areas – performance, user behaviour and app optimisation.
– I’ll share my own in-depth, unique analysis on how the UK’s 700 biggest online retailers rank in terms of mobile site speed
– Learn about new speed tech such as HTTP/2 and unlocking speed boosts on large sites such as reducing tag bloat, using a CDN
– Learn how to build app indexing & deep-linking capabilities to your Apps
– Data on the impact of Google’s new AMP technology which has delivered 71% faster loading pages in our studies
– How to conduct a mobile UX audit with an SEO-friendly mindset, tackling key challenges as optimising for keywords when dealing with minimal copy

Renée Mellow – Head of Emerging Digital Activation, EMEA, MediaCom

“The 5th Screen? The 6th Surface?”
All brands know about the 1st screen and how to advertise on television. The same can be said about advertising on desktop and mobile – consumers’ 2nd and 3rd screens. But what about new screens or surfaces? Imagine a day when AR environments will be delivered based on algorithm or home assistant responses will become biddable media terrain. As technology expands into smart auto dashboards, voice assistants, and AR, exciting new brand spaces are emerging for advertisers. In this session, we’ll explore new surfaces, how consumers behave, the rules of engagement for brands and the true business benefits of implementing a rigorous innovation media strategy now.

James Lowery – Managing Director, Compeller Digital

“Knocking on the Door of the Echo Chamber”

Gerry White – Just Eat

“The Ultimate HTTPs Guide”
In 2017 – HTTPS has gone from being a, well if you’re a big corporate ecommerce site to something that is absolutely recommend to any business who cares about their site, not just for SEO but for security and for speed, if you do it right, a HTTPS website can be faster than a HTTP website.
Gerry talks through a migration – some of the odd advice out there and shares a few resources that are essential if you are completing the migration, things that would get missed and the classic gotchas.
Who should come to this?
– Analytics folk that want to know why HTTPS gives you back a little more data and how to track it in GTM
– Marketing folks that want to know how to go to HTTPS without any drop in traffic
– Technical folks that want to hear why HTTPS is actually faster than HTTP
Or anyone who has questions about HTTPS…

Will Critchlow – CEO, Distilled

Gaps in the algorithm: what Machine Learning can teach us about the limits of our knowledge

In this talk, Will is going to cover lessons learned from machine learning models of Google’s search results, and the ways that ML is changing search – both inside and outside Google. As the algorithm gets ever more complex, it’s only through experiments that we get to discover what really works – Will is also going to share some brand new SEO split test results that haven’t been shared anywhere up till now.

Tim Stewart – Web Optimisation Consultant SiteSpect, TRS Digital

“Better Conversion with Intelligent Analytics”

In standard setup Google Analytics offers useful traffic data just by adding the basic code snippet

However, there are several options and additions which add essential insight for improving conversion performance and profit

This presentation shows examples to of ways to use and abuse Google Analytics data for more nuanced data

Intelligent capture and use of Events, custom dimensions and eCommerce data to optimise your conversion performance


  • Data collection and collation
  • Extracting data, transforming data, loading data
  • Analysis & insight – asking useful questions of your data
  • Options for Automation & scale

Lauri Putkinen – Agency Lead UK/I, Smartly

“Create Thousands of Facebook Ads in An Instant – Join the Automation Wave”
Automated content creation is coming, is your company equipped to produce and run campaigns with thousands of ads at scale? New technologies can automatically pull content from product feeds to create compact, lightly animated product videos with thousands of variations that can be targeted and retargeted based on user behaviour.
In this talk, you’ll see practical examples of new technologies that help advertisers create visually stunning ads at scale. By automating video ads, advertisers can constantly test new visuals and refresh campaigns to move the needle. Join us to explore the benefits of automating the creative video process.

Dane Stanley – Global Marketing Director, Missguided

“Campaign Presentation”
Introducing… In Conversation With.
In a format brand new to SAScon, Missguided’s Marketing Director Dane Stanley discusses the award-winning Baddie Winkle campaign with MediaCom’s Head of Digital Media Strategy Laura Thomas.
Who knew a campaign featuring an Octogenarian smacking the ass of a young model with a bejewelled cane would drive a fashion brand’s biggest ever trading day?
The creativity and results will inspire you, but the honesty and realism will give you ideas and insight to take back to the office. You’ll get the chance to ask your questions and maybe even win a prize – the type that only Missguided can offer!

David Levin – Creative Director, That Lot

“A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Social Media Galaxy”

To help inspire attendees, as well as provide some laughs, David Levin will be taking you on a journey through some of the best and worst uses of social media in recent times. David’s social agency, That Lot, which he founded with writer/actor/comedian David Schneider (I’m Alan Partridge), run the social feeds for BBC One’s Have I Got News For You, which will provide some of the content here, as well as mistakes by brands, confused celebrities and a few of the golden everyday moments which make us feel happy about the world for a few minutes.


Dan Wigley – Director of Analytics & CRO, Dentsu Aegis

“Configuring your Google Analytics to power personalisation”

Interested in personalising your website for your customers? First step is configuring your data to ensure you’re starting in the right place. This presentation gives a practical view on configuring your Google Analytics account to power personalisation allowing you to even the playing field vs your competitors.

Bartosz Goralewicz – CEO, Elephate

“Technical SEO experiments as a key to Google’s black box”

Technical SEO delivers WOW results, and it is safe to say, it is again one of the hottest SEO topics. During this session, we are going to wear our geek hats and get technical.

You’ll learn about:
What is DOM and where can we find it?
Spotting and diagnosing JavaScript SEO issues
Which JavaScript frameworks work with SEO?
What are Googlebot’s limitations when crawling your website and how to make sure they aren’t your problem?
What is HTTP/2 hype about? Is HTTP/2 helping our SEO efforts?
What is Googlebot crawling exactly, while going through our website? Is our Google Search Console data right?
This session is 100% focused on providing you practical, actionable data to make you a better technical SEO. The whole sessions is based on the SEO experiments, Google patent research and case studies.

Russell McCathy – CEO, Cubed

“Marketing to the Middle Funnel”

Smart marketers are now looking to the middle of the funnel to get the most from their campaigns. This is where you can get significant incremental revenue if you’re willing to invest in data! In this talk Russell will explain the true single customer view thats now available and how this can help brands get significant incremental returns with awesome ROIs!

Fernando Angulo & Sean Patterson – SEMrush

“Marketing 360: Looking for the ideal Search Union”

Hana Bednarova – Digital PR Manager, Tecmark

“Content Marketing – When Plan B becomes Plan A”

Simon Heseltine – Vice President of Search, For Rent

“Search – What does the future hold?”
Search today is becoming increasingly more and more complex, but also more automated.  This session will examine whether that makes things harder or easier for practitioners, as well as a view of where it is that we look to be heading, and how you and your teams can prepare for that now.


 Alex Pickering – Head of Paid Social, iProspect

“Pay to Play: How to dominate the Paid Social landscape”

 Mark Thomas – VP of Customer Success, Botify

“Marginal Gains: Get beyond management speak and convey the value of Technical SEO”


David Norris – Creative Strategist, SnapChat

“Why The Minidisc Still Matters..”