Session Synopsis

Alternative metrics for success measurement

Beyond clicks, sales and revenue. What are the alternative analytics metrics you should be using to measure you online performance?

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

Why AMP and Superior Web Performance Matters? Speeding Up The Web - Progress To Date and The Future For AMP and HTTP/2 Creativity and Data - A Winning Content Formula

You don't have to be a statistician or a data journalist to tell a compelling story using data. In this session, we look at combining creative skills and storytelling with unique data to create content that delivers audience, coverage and inbound links.

Adapt or perish: why it’s crunch time for the future of CRO

The conversion optimisation industry is in a mess. Nearly every business claims they are "customer centric", yet reality proves they’re far from it and more often than not, they’re clueless as to what it means. Poor practice and the spread of misinformation is rife. The agencies and practitioners who truly understand what intelligent conversion optimisation is and what it looks like are currently part of what can only be described as “the secret society”. Millions is spent every month on enterprise testing tools which promise the world, only to be used by untrained teams and produce inconclusive results. To add to the problem, there are new shiny toys in the guise of big data & personalisation stealing all the headlines and clamouring for marketing budget to be thrown their way. In his opening keynote talk, Paul will be discussing the struggles that the conversion optimisation industry has faced (and will continue to) and how collectively, the industry can prove that conversion optimisation is the best force for growth available to businesses all around the world. During this presentation you will learn: • Why the globally accepted “technology adoption curve” is being bastardised by poorly educated “conversion optimisers” across the world • What are the four pillars that provide businesses with the foundations to progress through the conversion optimisation maturity curve  • Why the three letter acronyms that currently define the CRO industry are inherently flawed • Where you should invest to secure the best chance of conversion optimisation success • What is the one intrinsic but missing ingredient to every A/B testing process & methodology on the market • The one biggest catalyst for a business starting down the path of actually, truly becoming “customer centric” • Whether you want to be an advocate of change for the CRO industry

Determining the appropriate channel to promote your content?

Creating content that wins is half the story. Delivering that content to the audience at the right time and in the right place is understated - more emphasis needs to be on context. This session raises the importance of content distribution for paid and earned outcomes.

Marketing for Start-Ups, and Marketing your Business to Start-Ups-Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Breaking in to established sectors requires bravery and something more than just big budgets. Consumers, though, can have a great appreciation for distinctive and sometimes disruptive value propositions. With this in mind, this session will profile just how start-ups and small business can win with something other than just deep pockets.

Emerging Start ups 7 Slides in 7 Minutes

Enterprise SEO

From people to programmatic


2017/18 - Google’s acquisitions, media industry mergers, technological developments, consumer behaviour change, etc...

Gen Z, Millennials and Media

Emerging Distinctive Audience Types - they’re our next big audience group

How social helped the NHS beat Bieber to Xmas No 1

Influencing influencers for your brand

The web is busier with content than ever before, and cutting through all that noise continues to be a challenge for many brands paying exorbitant amounts to grow their reach and engagement. Increasingly, influencer marketing is being proven to not only increase the reach for brands but significant engagement. This session will profile exactly what is helping brands work successfully with influencers.

Is Generic SEO dead

Measurement and accountability of content investments

Over a third of content marketers admit they have difficulties measuring the success of their content marketing campaigns, thus leaving just shy of two thirds believing their programs have adequate visibility on the metrics they believe matter and have the ability to showcase success. This session will look at how SEMrush, iProspects and StrategIQ marketing are coping with the challenge by challenging the status quo and exploring new metrics...and when you’re, your entire business depends on it!

Move over search. Social commerce is here

Social media used to be the domain of PR, customer service and brand marketing, with a smattering of app download campaigns. Now e-commerce businesses are discovering a reasonable volume of sales can be achieved through the channel and the networks are keen to find more mechanisms for generating revenue. This session will provide a client and agency view on what delivers and doesn’t, in the world of social commerce.

Native advertising - not as new as you think.

Leading practitioners discuss the role of creativity in campaign management where automation and machine learning are becoming the norm.

Paid Social & The Quest For Creativity will be an exploration of how creativity in advertising has changed from the Mad Men era through to our Math Men era and how we can be creative throughout the planning and delivery of our paid social media campaigns. How can we creatively use the targeting options available to deliver personalised communications? How can we creatively optimise for success? How are Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook supporting the brands and agencies who are looking to be creative? I'm also going to share some of the most exciting paid campaigns that I've seen on social media - including how one brand won the Superbowl, by actively not buying a TV spot.

Profiling the next gen of tech and businesses

The start-up fire is now raging and the North West is becoming synonymous with creativity and innovation. In this session, you'll quickly meet a bunch of the most talented and forward-thinking start-ups. Think of it as start-up speed-dating!

The UK digital consumer, 2020


Think Faster: How Approved Food became the third fastest retailer in the UK

Do you know how to turn customer browsing into sales? How can you enhance your customers’ experience? Are you up to speed with data analytics? In this session, UKFast Managing Director Jonathan Bowers provides insight into how brands such as Approved Food and Silent Night have thrived in the digital marketplace by maximising their presence online. In ecommerce, marketing doesn’t just mean sponsored banners and targeted emails – your customers’ online buying journey is crucial to maximising conversions, as is having the infrastructure to support it. This session also features Dan Cluderay, one-time market trader turned CEO and Founder of Approved Food. Dan built an online business offering uncompromising service standards, with fast site speed and enhanced usability. The business is now one of the most prominent ecommerce retailers in the UK. Discover how they profile the customer to predict their buying habits and optimise data analytics to identify the most lucrative selling opportunities. Dan discusses how his use of data intelligence, combined with bespoke user personalisation, has strengthened his relationship with customers to ensure they keep coming back for more. Already featured on the likes of Loose Women and BBC Breakfast, Dan shares the story of how he became the market leader in online short-dated grocery retail, how his website became the 3rd fastest in the UK, and how you can achieve success online.